Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hello, again. <3

No, it's not actually my birthday today. That event took place in the first week in June. But, when I was on vacation some time ago, it certainly felt like it was my birthday.

First things first though, I...don't know if I'm supposed to be posting this. Not like what I'm going to be writing or showing you is anything creepy or illegal er anything, but, I might get someone into 'trouble' should the overzealous see this.

I'll take my chances....
A little more than a month ago, I gathered a package together, complete with my $13, and made the warm, sticky, mile and a half trek to the post office. Inside, aside from the few dollars, I had written a note and drew a few pictures. Where was all of this going? Well...Arizona, to be honest. What's in Arizona, you ask? Awesomeness.

I realize I'm sounding a little vague. Let me explain.

If you're like me, a rabid but civilized fan of Calabrese, you'll undoubtedly be familiar with their music. And, being acquainted with it as such, you'll also be familiar with the hidden tracks at the end of most of their CDs. The hidden track itself is an open invitation to their fan club, the Young American Mystic Cult of Horrors. What do they want in exchange for a neat tee and discounts on future merch? Just $13...AND YOUR SOUL. Seriously. Go listen to the last two minutes of "Loveless God" if you don't believe me.

So, after much hesitation of thinking I wasn't cool enough or worthy, I found my proverbial pair and just...did it.

I'll let you in on a thinly veiled secret if you're not already familiar with it...I'm a Pagan. Yes, think about Merlin and Witch Hazel and broomsticks and wands if you'd like, but, you would only be getting about 5% of it right. No, I don't eat/sacrifice children. Yes, I wear a pentacle. Harry Potter is not my neighbor. I'll get into all this in a later post should someone request it, but just know that much for now. As you would imagine though, knowing what you do at the moment, I kind of need my soul. So, I couldn't just sign something official-looking and send it off like most people did.

I did something...else.

I drew. A mini comic.
Of me. Obtaining a replacement soul.

Yes, very corny, I know.

I had thought of another option to send off, but, the shipping alone on it would of been kind of nuts. And, I lack boat-in-a-jar skills. So, I went with that.

Oh, and wrote them a note. A mostly intelligent note with very minimal fangasiming, I might add. On my Chococat stationary. <3

Now, all I had to do was wait.
I calculated it would take 3 days to get there, 3 to get back, and maybe 2 or 3 days in between them checking their PO box. So, just a little over a week.

A total of 8 days go by, and nothing.
So I immediately think they're thinking of ways of perma-banning me from everything entirely. The crazy chick from Philadelphia said what? Oh no. We cant have that. And check out this other crap...did she think this was anything like the bad-assed stuff we normally read? Tch....vomit. Hey, lets post this note online! HAH!

Now...I know, almost for a fact, that they're not like that. But, it really doesn't help that I'm super impatient and completely afraid of coming off as one of the crazies. I mentally slap myself a few dozen times and tell myself thusly. I also tell myself that they have other things to do than just answer mail all day, and that I'm probably one out of thousands who send them stuff.

Honestly, I'm a complete drama queen when I really don't need to be sometimes.

We leave for Brigantine a few days later. I put on a happy face and try not to groan too loudly.

Monday comes. I get a text from Joe.

I got a package.

Holy carp, I got a package!

He says it sounds like there is more than just a tee inside. Do I want him to open it?


And, oh boy, much more than a tee....

This, was taken when I got back. But when I was in New Jersey, I got the written text version of this.

So, I squee'd.
And into the next. All vacation long.

Because, when you get something this uber cool, it's required. Absolutely.

As far as I know, the membership includes a tee and a card at the moment. Bobby said in a Tweet not too long ago that they were going to put the fan club membership online, so you can just PayPal that ish if you're that lazy. The new version was gonna have a tee, card and a patch.

Um, I think I got some bonus stuff.
A lot of bonus stuff.
A lot of bonus stuff and a note from Bobby himself.


Words fail to describe how cool that is. I mean, seriously.
As if the bonus stuff wasn't great to begin with.

Have you noticed, by the way? They gave me a clear little Dragonite at the bottom right.
Pokemon nerds unite! (I wonder if they'd battle me...? Heh...<3)

I could go on about how happy I was with all this. But I think you get the idea.

I'm official, baby. Part of the cult.

Ain't you jealous.

Until then.

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