Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Lesson in Kindness

This is a little tidbit o'life that happened about a month ago. Still don't know how I feel about it, really.

Earlier this year, brilliantly enough, Joe decided we should do our taxes online and as soon as possible. If you haven't guessed at this point, we are a fairly broke bunch here, and, we had bills that needed to be paid. Like, now.

Luckily for us, the money came 3 weeks later. Which surprised both of us, because going the paper route, it takes much longer than even the estimated times on the 1040 forms. Past dues became paid, and a zero balance on the credit card was nice to see. Even with all that, we had a few extra dollars, so I decided to get some supplies at Target the following week.

The day was brisk, but the sun was bright. Ivy and I headed out late in the afternoon, walking the mile and a half easily enough. We get there just as the sun started to slip from the sky.

Ivy likes riding in the shopping carts. As any kid does, really. So, I grab one, and let her climb in. She seems happy, even if the steering on this particular cart is kind of weird. I think about getting another one, but decide against it.

Walking up the aisle, I take a peep at some of the sales. I know I'm not going to be buying much beyond the few items I have in mind, but, stupid stuff like that has become kinda fun for me. Strange as that may be.

I look at the men's department, debate on whether or not I should buy Joe socks and underwear, then hang left. I stroll past the baby department, in all its diaper-y cute glory, and head over to the toys. It was, after all, a few weeks before Ivy's birthday. Plus, to be honest, I like snooping around in there too.

Lots of things were almost-purchases.


But, we kept our collective cool, and nothing actually landed in the cart. A minor victory for both of us. Even though we were both moaning on the inside.

In this particular Target, the book section is next to the DVDs and video games, across from the aisles of toys and collectibles. So, really, it's the only part of the store aside from where they keep the frozen Red Baron pizzas and Pocky where I more or less know exactly where and what I'm looking for at any given moment.

Certain authors have managed to publish things without my knowing in the past, so, on a whim, I point us in that direction.

As I do, A person...couldn't tell if it was male or female, as he/she was in a motorised cart and wore layers and layers of clothing...tried to leave the section. The store is moderately busy, so I do the best thing I could and drag the wonky cart over to the middle of the walkway.

Said person then proceeds to ram the rack of Dr. Seuss books not once, but twice.
Everything fell.

I had a moment where I paused. Then immediately proceeded to pick up all the books on the floor. It seemed like the right thing to do, in my mind. Obviously, he/she couldn't do it themselves if they're in one of those things, and I'm sure asking would of been embarrassing.

Person, however, didn't miss a beat. He/she drove off, without turning around or paying the least bit attention to the mess they had made. Even ran over one of the books.

So, there I was, fixing an entire display disaster that I had nothing to do with, feeling my face redden for no reason, as the others around me just watched and stared.

I'd like to think that he/she drove off, worried that they might have to pay for breaking something. Or, that he/she drove off, because that was all their mental facilities could process at the moment. I'd also like to think that the rapt audience I had then was more interested in the sales behind me, or, even looking for a sales associate to help.

But that's just my mind trying to reason with the situation, isn't it?

Maybe this is the reason why I don't actually have friends.

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