Wednesday, January 21, 2015

And Then I Screamed

So, you may be wondering where all that promised content went that I talked about in my last entry.

I still have all of it...I'm actually staring down at least 4 draft entries as I type. But I can't do much with them for the time being. I don't have the other halves of the drafts in my phone, and typing out multiple paragraphs with just my index finger is a real nuisance. Why not just use my laptop, you say?

Because it's sleeping. It's sleeping soundly in a wordless, pictureless void. Drfiting, without color, without music, in the black hexidecimal rivers of electronic limbo.

Plainly speaking, the damn thing isn't working.

It happened right around Xmas. My innocent Acer, sitting on my kitchen table, waiting patiently for the holiday craziness to be over so we could both get back to business. And then, one night, a nefarious pointy eared villian took it upon herself to make a statement...
...and peed all over the laptop. With like, an incredible amount of fluid. Seriously.

I'm trying to resurrect it though. The first day, I let it drain and dry, then I dismantled it days later and swabbed everything down with alcohol. For whatever reason, I couldn't pry the keyboard out initially, so I only got to clean the motherboard on one side at first. I tried to start it, but it wouldn't budge. Days after that, I got it completely taken apart, and, OH JOY, I see corrosion. So now I'm waiting to get some stronger stuff to try to get that all off. Weirdly, 99% alcohol/denatured alcohol are sometimes hard to find. Ech...

I'd have it professionally looked at if I had the money. Because honestly, I'm not even 100% sure that all this will work or if I can help it without replacing things. The minor stuff isn't too bad, about $60 or so. But if the CPU or motherboard need to be replaced...I'm screwed.

So, that's how things are at the moment. It's questionable when I'll be able to post again. I may have to wait all the way until June, worst case scenario. Hopefully, I'll have something worth the wait.

Until then.