Friday, April 22, 2016

Most Fashionable Milk Funnel

Care to take a guess as to who this is?
If you've been keeping tabs on me and these Blogs at all, then it should be fairly obvious. But, to the rest of you, this here is Eowyn Faye, the latest installment in my family life. (Seen here with one of her favorite expressions, the "WAT". ) She was born (or rather pulled from me) on March 25 of this year, at 9.24 oz and 21.5 inches. Yeah, apparently I grow 'em big. Vitamins are a helluva drug.
I wish I had more to say at the moment, but I'm kinda running on fumes and my brain feels like it's sputtering nonsense in there. So, for now, just enjoy the random cute baby until I think gooder again.
Until then.