Saturday, February 25, 2017

Dusting Off the Tome

First post of the new year, and, if my track record has anything to say about it, my last one as well. Ha.

Seriously though. It's been just about a year since I've posted anything, and the thought alone makes me sad. I like typing (I dare not call it 'writing') even though I very often struggle to find the right words for...well, nearly anything, and yet, I almost feel like I go into some sort of moody funk if I go without mashing out a few cute strings of hastily stitched together phrases. It's a very odd relationship for sure, one that I barely understand, if at all, myself.

But, for what its worth, not much has happened either, at least, not much that I think would be worth reporting on. Winnie was born last March, and since then, I've had to abandon any sort of version of me that I was before, and spend what time and energy I had on caring for the rugrat, lest she grow up wrong and her mug shows up on the 5 o'clock news, just because mommy didn't hug her enough. She is half me, so, that may or may not be a total exaggeration.

So, no writing. Well, I did write a bit, but it was for the fanfiction series I have going. And, honestly, I'm not entirely happy with it. Sections feel rushed or too drawn out, and I'm lacking the proper words for most of it. I have plans on doing something with it in the future though, a la the 50 shades chick, though, hopefully mine wont be quite as 'PG-suburban-mom-scandalous-despite-glaring-inaccuracies-and-flatness'. If I'm remembering right, its around the 50k word mark, so I guess that counts for something.

I've been on Discord a lot too. Prior to last summer, I had never even hard of it. Then one day, during my extremely brief stint as a Redditor, someone invited me to a 30+ Splatoon Discord. I almost couldn't believe that someone was inviting me to join their group, and that the group was populated solely by adults. Seemed too good to be true, honestly. But...there it was. And now I'm part of 6 others as well, including Admin and Mod roles, despite not being able to play too often. I kinda feel like my teenager self is coming full circle...back then, I was Mod for a few forums. Two of them being Final Fantasy ones, despite not having really played anything beyond 7 and parts of 8.

So, that's about it for me, honestly. No gold stars anywhere or points of interest, really. I honestly hate how boring I am, but, given my circumstances, I can't do much about it. So my apologies for the snoozy post. Heres to hoping I'll be able to post something readable later this year.

Until then.